Facebook Friday

How do individual librarians juggle the professional and the personal profile concerns of Facebook?

What really emerges as the best uses of Facebook for libraries?

Blogging Saturday

Work loads can be heavy and libraries understaffed; can you as an administrator ask your employees to take on writing a blog?

Just how much overlap in Library 2.0 systems does a library need?

Secondlife Sunday

Manic Miscellaneous Monday

Should libraries hire new people explicitly to handle the new technology of Web 2.0? Would they be temporary?

What about drive through dropoffs of Houston libraries? The authors also mentioned purchase-on-demand and patron-initiated interlibrary loan. Do you think these new user centered services are really a part of Library 2.0?

The authors glossed over the BIG issues of copyright, privacy and other general ethics problems when libraries make use of these technologies. Let's discuss the messy implications of all this new technology.

Twitter / 'Tube Tuesday

The authors of "Beyond the Library's Walls: Using Library 2.0 Tools to Reach Out to all Users" did not include Youtube or other user generated media websites in their overview of Web 2.0. Do you think websites like Youtube are really worth the time and attention of library staff members?

This article focuses mostly on academic libraries. Do you think that there are some forms of Library 2.0 that are not useful in an academic library setting?

We didn't have much time during the presentation to discuss many creative ways to use Youtube in libraries. Can you come up with a few that you have seen used, or perhaps something you have thought up on your own?

Wiki Wednesday

Do you think information overload is a common problem with Library 2.0 tools? Is there such a thing as too much information in a library? Too much access to information?